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we could wake up this lullaby town

burn through every red light we've found

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I have moved on to Dreamwidth.

Follow me there at supermagpie if you are so inclined. <3
aliens in comic books, all flesh, all things katamari, animals, apples to apples, aquariums, au crack, avatar: the last airbender, bacon, being a better artist, black dagger brotherhood, blue beetle, canada, candles, cat macros, chainsaws, comic books, crack drabbles, crack pairings, crack rp, crazy chicks with guns, criminal minds, csi, cute puppies, d&d, dc, delicious cheese, discovery channel, dogs, drabble writing, duels of wit, every avatar pairing ever, everybody's mom, extreme makeover home edition, fanfiction, fanfiction that's nearly original, fiction, firefly, fishes, fullmetal alchemist, glass fish, gravi, hair straighteners, hellsing, hhgttg, hp before hp sucked, iron man, jayne, language, lap full of jellybeans, law and order svu, legion of superheroes, legos, lolcats, marvel, marvel ultimates, mooses, movies, munchkin, music, my mom, not being broke, not dying, oc's, original fiction, owning a blackberry, paco and his stick, peter parker is awesome, pictures of rats, pink cellphones, positive words, psychology, ridiculous vampire novels, second generations, sledgehammers, spirit of the century, spoiling my friends, swimming, tarps, teen titans, tetris, ty pennington, ubc creative writing, vocabulary, waffles, webcomics, weird stuff, writing, writing challenges, writing my own epic, your mom

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