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Moving On

So, I haven't posted here in months.

This journal has simply lapsed as my life has gotten busy and changed and between that, the fact that I can't make a single public post without getting spam from bots in my comments, and Livejournal taking away subject lines on comments as of the 20th and screwing over every one who roleplays on livejournal ever despite massive backlash and protest...

I've had enough of paying money to a company that doesn't listen to its users for a service that I'm not even making good use of. I'm letting all my paid accounts lapse and my personal journal here won't be updated anymore.

At one time I thought I would be in my right mind to buy a permanent account on this service, but it turns out I'm more transient than I thought I guess. This journal carries a lot of history for me so I certainly won't be deleting it or anything, but I just won't be continuing to post here. I feel I need a fresh start.

If anyone is still interested in following me and/or the stuff I do I now have my personal journal at Dreamwidth If you have a journal there yourself feel free to add me to your circle, or if you want to follow my DW journal on LJ the open ID system should let you do that too. I will not be offended or upset if you don't make the effort to follow me to a new service and I will still check up on my friendslist here from time to time because I love you all.

This magpie just needs a new tree to make her nest in.

So long LiveJournal it's been a wonderful six years. Thank you friendslist for everything you've brought into my life (even the bad stuff) and all the things I carry forward with me from your influence. All my love and best wishes. <3

- Zippy

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Musing Way Crossover - Incident One - Can't Take The Sky

Recently I signed up for a new project - a community on Dreamwidth called Musing Way. (Consider this my pimping for it.) The idea of MW is to sign up with a character that's in your head a lot who you like to work with and you answer prompts about them or even AS them. There are also open roleplay posts and the like.

Now... ages and ages ago... I posted the 'Her Boy Friday' Iron Man fics, with Tony Stark as a lady and Toni snowballed into her own little animal hella-fast. She sort of... moved out of my Her Boy Friday AU into this huge sprawling thing based on a single comic page, earth_3490 that quipquipquip and I have been playing out together. (If you poke your head over don't mind the erratic threads and shit, that's just how we roll. We need a proper and complete reading order post like woah, still.)

So ANYWAY when Musing Way cropped up, I took my invite code, strolled on over and set up shop with Toni - writing her early early EAAARLY in the Earth 3490 timeline (oh god yes there's a timeline). It's mid 2005, she's part of the Avengers, the public knows her as Iron Man, she drinks like a fish and her life is both awesome and kind of terrible all at once.

Musing way's prompt for Week 7 was 'Freedom'.

Toni!Muse shook me down and got me to write this at 5:30 in the morning after I'd been quite upset about stuff earlier in the evening and... I am kind of surprised how well it came out, so I wanted to share. =)

Title: The Black
Author: sparklemagpie
Fandom: Marvel Comics AU
Character(s)or Pairing: Toni Stark
Rating: PG-13 maybe for language?
Wordcount: 503
Notes: n/a
Warnings: This got... surprisingly depressing for being writing about 'freedom'..
Summary: There are times that just breathing the air down on the ground feels so smothering...


'Take me where I cannot stand...'

It's part of a song, something Pepper was always watching on the TV a few years back. She's a Joss Whedon fangirl, just a little bit, but Toni's never shared the obsession. Whedon depresses the fuck out of her.

The shit he writes is just too much like her real life - funny, fantastic, crushing and bitterly cruel at the most random moments, and totally and unequivocally entertaining to everyone but the people who have to live it.

But Firefly was a bit of a different stroke she supposes, and she did like the theme song.

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Dual exercise here!

First of all, I am DONE my cultural studies essays!!!! WHOOHOOOOO! =D This means I'm officially off hiatus on all my games, can app for new ones, and god dammit when I get home from my chill-out night with Crystal this evening I am going to TAG THE ENTIRE FREAKING INTERNET!!!!! XD

Psych I owe you tags and a thread, Sair I owe you a thread, Allen I gotta talk you into a thread and I owe you Scoutsmen crack, Kitty I owe you a C&C App and FFFFT THIS WEEKEND IS GOING TO BE AMAZING, WE'RE GOING TO FREAK YOUR BRUCE OUT SO BAD! WOOHOO! XD


Since essays are out of the way I am going to be ALL OVER all the plotbunnies that have been clamouring unsuccessfully for freedom from my brain while I've been bogged down with schoolwork. Getting random snippets and bits and ideas out of my head and also Kitty deserves some drabbles! As Kitty maaaaay be the only person to get what a lot of these ideas are about this is clearly the perfect marriage of intents! Tadaa!


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Fic: Savage

I haven't actually fic-style written out something this adult in a very long time. Uuuuh, yeah. This is NC-17 and really NSFW. You've been WARNED f-list! Please just skip this over if it doesn't interest you.

Title: Savage
Author: sparklemagpie
Fandom: Marvel Comics AU
Character(s)or Pairing: Genderswapped!Tony Stark/Bruce Banner
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Set in a universe where Tony is Toni and always has been, inspired by a prompt for 'anyone/bruce' on the most recent Cape and Cowl kink meme.
Warnings: Female dominant/male submissive, bondage, some rough domination and one instance of choking are part and parcel here so don't say I didn't tell you what you were getting into.
Summary: "You get to play master and servant with a nymphomaniac multi-billionaire for a month straight and call it ‘anger management’? Where the f**k were you when the court made me to go to that 'deep-breathing-count-to-ten' shit for my road rage?"

“You said you wanted me to help you, Dr. Banner. Don’t bitch about how I do it.”
Her voice is just a little graveled, worn rough from swallowing scotch and barking instructions at everyone within twenty feet of her all day. It’s what she does... and it’s what she’s doing to him (for free she might add, and with such nice perks).

It doesn’t hurt that she’s aged beautifully, although even if she were as hard on the eyes as her high stress, vodka soaked lifestyle would suggest he still would have asked her to do this and no one else.

Youth isn’t what he needs.

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Interlude - Playing In Other People's Sandboxes

Title: Inheritance
Author: Zippy
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: DC Comics knows I'm not worth suing, right? Right.
Summary: This takes place in the Small Town Lives AU which I borrowed from the awesome merfilly and ilyena_sylph wherein there is Dinah/Slade and piles of win. Posts of the Filly variety gave me granddaddy!Slade ideas that I was then forced to drabble upon. Holy, this was supposed to be brief but it kind of exploded.

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I Need Something To Take My Mind Off Things

So I stole me a meme!

Comment, and I'll do an insta-drabble ficlet thing, prompted from whatever icon you use.
Or if you don't have an icon for what you want just give me a random prompt. :p

Please be gentle people of the flist. I haven't done one of these in a while for forgive me if I'm slowish. XD
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Tradition (Iron Maiden AU)


I wanted to write some New Years themed fic and Rhodey got in on that at the ground floor, so Iron Maiden AU continues it's domination of my journal for now. XD

Title: Tradition
Fandom: Iron Man Movieverse (Iron Maiden AU)
Rating: PG
Summary: Pre-movie canon, Iron Maiden Universe. Rhodey plays Toni's date to the Stark Industries New Years Eve party in 1999.


This was exactly where he ended up every year it seemed.

It's New Years Eve, and he's back in Malibu because he can never say no to her when she calls him up and insists that she NEEDS him to come and keep her company. He has to be there to give her a 'real' conversation while Obie networks and Pepper organizes and the rest of the guests schmooze about shit she's not interested in.

She hasn't seen a movie in a theatre since the Star Wars Trilogy re-releases in '97. She totally called the prequels out as schlock from the first trailer and gave up on movies in general from that point in. (If even George Lucas can fuck up this much there's no hope for anyone else!) She tells him she's not 'in touch with pop culture anymore' based on her movie-viewing record alone.

"It's all my employees and all my employees' frigging housewives. You know what wives are like at company parties! They gang up on the single girl and want to go on about books and films and their kids! What am I gonna talk about with other women at a party when I haven't seen a movie in three years? Quantum fucking mechanics? Seriously Jim. My brain will bleed out my ears if I have to listen to them talk about knitting like at the picnic. I need a date for this one."

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Her Boy Friday - Part 3 (Iron Maiden Universe)

Title: Her Boy Friday (Part 3 of ?)
Fandom: Iron Man (Movieverse)
Rating: PG-13 I guess, for nudity
Summary: Iron Maiden Universe (Genderswapped!Tony and Pepper in the Iron Man movieverse) Re-write of film canon in alternating points-of-view and side-stories. On the roster today, Pepper after Toni's homecoming. (For context, see parts One and Two)


Pepper is wringing his hands at the back of the room as he watches Toni sink to the floor in front of a sea of reporters. She looks wide-eyed and a bit panicked somehow as she munches on her cheeseburger (extra pickles, extra cheese, no tomato) and stares out at the crowd.

Pepper feels sick to his stomach.

Toni who seemed collected at the airport, in the car, at the drive-thru window, now looks like she’s reeling from the magnitude of being home. And the spotlight has always brought out the inner beast of her compulsiveness.

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Her Boy Friday - Part 2 (Iron Man Genderswap Fic)

Title: Her Boy Friday (Part 2 of ?)
Fandom: Iron Man (Movieverse)
Rating: This part? PG-13 probably.
Summary: More, but less ridiculous Genderswapped!Iron Man fanfic for Karen and now also for everyone else who liked the first one. Toni's PoV, overlapping with/re-writing movie canon.


Looking back Toni can’t really remember the moment when she was seized by terror, she only knows that she did not relax again until she saw Pepper on the tarmac at the end of the ramp, waiting with a dry face but bloodshot eyes.
_ _ _ _

Maybe the fear started when the car leading the Funvee went up in a ball of fire. It seemed logical, because really, one minute she was flirting the officer next to her out of his professional demeanor and possibly later his pants, and the next everything is burning and everyone is loading weapons like it’s the zombie apocalypse.

But no she was stunned then, looking around in confusion as everyone else piled out and left her there with her favourite dress pants sloshed with scotch and a gobsmacked look on her face. (At least that’s what the expression had looked like to her before the passenger side mirror was clipped off by the next round of gunfire.)

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Iron Man Fic - Genderswapped!Tony and Pepper for Karen

Title: Her Boy Friday (Part 1 of ?)
Fandom: Iron Man (Movieverse)
Rating: This part? PG, don't know how the others will go...
Summary: This is ridiculous Genderswapped!Iron Man fanfic for Karen, who shamelessly encouraged this idea and shall pay for it dearly by being given fics now. :p

EDIT: Added more to round out the chapter, next part from Toni's POV


Peter 'Pepper' Potts has seen all of Toni Stark’s baby pictures.

He has seen the grade school portraits of dark hair in pigtails and huge curious eyes, the high school year book photos, a bespectacled girl of barely eleven trying to look more mature than she really was. Pictures at age fifteen, first year at MIT, with defined arms and shoulders and loose, layered hair, hunkered over a circuit board with a peculiar sort of grace. A cocky smile as she stood under Howard’s proud arm in graduation cap and gown, seventeen years old.... days before her father died and her world collapsed into funeral plans, and interview requests, and family feuds over the estate.

Pepper’s favourite, though is a charmingly candid snap from the first year that he had worked for Toni. It was one of the few photos that the genius millionaire hadn’t posed for in the course of her young life.

Toni at twenty four in her workshop, hands on hips, with the giddy smile of a child on Christmas Day as the beaten up shell of her future prized hot-rod was rolled in through the garage door.

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